Lent 10

Mar. 10th, 2017 12:20 pm
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Have just realised that the numbering of the days in Lent this year match up to the day of the month, at least for March. No more counting on fingers for a while...

Today's happy story is about 10 year olds and a stunning act of kindness. So it's appropriate to have the Friday reflection focussed on young people:

You are the source of a river of love and grace that transforms the world.
We offer you our young hearts, minds and bodies.
Help us to grow in the goodness of your kingdom.
May we shine out in times of darkness,
Stand safely upon the truth and not be shaken,
And see your vision for the world and follow you.

Come use our energy to care the lost
Come take our creativity to meet with the brokenhearted,
Come use our youthfulness to bring joy and peace,
And your hope to bring light to everyone.
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