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is the Telegraph cartoonist Matt. Here's today's example of his work. *snigger* Do check out the archive - he's done some corkers for the Olympics.

Sir Chris Hoy today, prelims of the trendy vicar race.
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Best night ever in British Athletics history. And guess where we were?

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Have been too busy watching inspiring moments to post about them. Here's two I've adored:
British team get Bronze in gymnastics. OK, you may say, that's just bronze - but it far exceeded expectations.
A wonderfully emotional Chad le Clos takes gold in the butterfly. This guy also wins for having the best embarassing dad of the games!
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If you haven't seen it yet, find a way of doing so. Stunning. said so much about being British - really being British, not the steretypical view the world may have of us. Lots of little bits which may have been lost on other people (did you hear the guy reading the list of shipping forecast areas right at the start?) and this great sense of awe, wonder, pride, vibrancy and the ability not to take ourselves too seriously.

And Jersualem. And Abide With Me. Excuse me while I go off and sob again.

Proper job.
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I'm going to try to post some inspirational thingies here over the next few weeks as Olympics move into paralympics. Not every day but approximately "whenever I think of it".

To start with here's a tremendous moment from Barcelona 1992. The Brits coming from miles behind and little Garry Herbert bawling on the medal podium. Magic.
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