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This is from 2009. No idea now why I was writing a HH/TW/DW AU crossover featuring Nigel Owens, and with William Bush as The Doctor, but I was. As you do. So here it is again.

Disclaimer: Don't own any of these guys, not even SuperNige. Wish I did.

“Is he alright?”

“He’s fine. For someone who’s been abducted by aliens.” William Bush, wearing his Doctor’s long coat rather than his lieutenant’s jacket, grinned. “Showing a remarkable amount of reliance.”

“The Welsh are a plucky lot.” Archie Kennedy fiddled with his Starbuck’s coffee. Funny how this commodity never varied in quality – dubious – from one end of the country to the other. “And Ianto says this one’s one of the pluckiest. Battled through a lot in his life.” He didn’t elaborate; Bush seemed to know everything, or had the ability to finds it out which amounted to the same thing. He’d know what had happened to both of them – different circumstances but the same miserable years of growing up.

“Jack’s taken quite a shine to him.”

“Taken quite a shine as in go to the pub for a pint or taken quite a shine as in go to bed for a…”

“The former. Not quite Loose-zip’s type. Nice bloke, but not what you’d call a stunner.” William sipped his coffee with a grimace.

“He’s got a nice smile, though. Bet the women swoon over those chubby cheeks. And I wouldn’t like to get in a fight with him – susopect he punches his weight.”

“Well, I understand he nearly tried to take out his abductors. Lucky we got there in time, before things got nasty. One bloke with a whistle against three hefty Arcturabladians with plasma guns.”

“What I don’t understand is why anyone would want to substitute their own lookalike for the referee of the Scotland Italy game? I mean, it could hardly further the cause of world domination, could it?” Archie had convinced himself that every alien being had to be descended from Napoleon.

“Not world domination, this time. Spread betting. This mob were looking to make a fortune on things like the time that penalties would be awarded, who got yellow carded and when. How far Chris Paterson would attempt a kick from.”

“Ah, Chris Paterson; he’d be Jack’s type. Him and Parisse, distinctly – what’s the term – warm?” Archie’s blue eyes danced at the thought.

“Hot. And Horatio had better not hear you talking up the opposition.”

“Horatio can lump it.”

“He’s probably lumping it out there with the rest of them. I understand that Nige is getting in a bit of match practice. Ianto offered to escort him from dressing room to pitch and then to shadow him during the match. Nige said he’d look pretty silly if he ended up handling the ball in the ruck on the five yard line and had to get a yellow card. Told him he couldn’t be trusted not to mouth swear words in front of Princess Anne. Ianto said he thought there wasn’t a swear word he could use that Her Royal Highness hadn’t uttered, and Nige made him wash his mouth out.” Bush looked suddenly serious. “Could have done with him on Renown.”

“Aye.” Archie fingered his side – he was still aware of it, sometimes.

“The swine!” Horatio barged through the door, face flushed with anger and what might just be embarrassment.

Archie’s Who? coincided with William’s What?

“That man we rescued. Very grateful to Ianto and old Oily drawers. Want to know what he said to me?”

“Oh, definitely.” Archie controlled the urge to giggle.

“He was describing these aliens and I just rolled my eyes very slightly, and gestured a mere inch or two in the air with my hand. And he said If you’re going to overact I’ll send you to drama school.”

“What a star.” Archie had at last recovered his voice, which was more than William had done, still doubled over with laughter. “I’m buying him a pint after the game.”

“I won’t be there. I shall find my own entertainment.” Horatio was going to hold this grudge for a while.

“Suit yourself. If you get bored report to the Italian dressing room – Jack has got us all passes, we’re part of the match security now.” William wheezed out the words.

“Why should I go there?”

“No particular reason, Horatio. Just ask for Mr. Parisse and say Jack sent you.”
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Revision of an old piece of fanfic, but this time to include my St Bride's boys; crossover with Dr Who.

“What have you done? I told you not to touch a thing.”

“I haven’t done anything. I very deliberately kept my hands in my pockets—especially after last time.”
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This is for [ profile] jestana, who wanted Eighth Doctor/Bush, prompt = doppelganger.

It was good to be back on earth. And in England.

The Doctor strolled along the sunlit esplanade, watching the tall ships caressing the Solent’s waves – it didn’t get much better than this. His rapture was broken by a sharp tug to his arm and a stinging slap to his face.

“Excuse me, madam, I’m not sure I…”

“Don’t you give me any of that fancy talk, William, you bastard.” The plump little doxy was a small ball of rouged and powdered fury. “I’ve heard it all before. I was your ‘only true love’, remember? True love my arse.” She flounced off, leaving the Doctor to rub his cheek.

Doubles. Doppelgangers. He’d been mistaken for them before – given the vast distances and eras he travelled it was almost inevitable. Still, a slap from a doxy wasn’t that bad – not compared to the time he’d been on the Western front and nearly shot as a mutineer. He walked on, passing a pair of handsome ladies – real ladies this time, out with a chaperone.

“Don’t even look at him, Helena,” the blonde one whispered to her friend, a whisper loud enough to be heard at Spitbank, “Lieutenant Bush is no gentleman.”

The Doctor walked on again, glad to have escaped with only a tongue lashing; whoever this Bush was, he’d got himself a reputation. An officer approached, commander by the look of his jacket, with a stern face and unruly locks under his scraper.

“Ah, Lieutenant.”

The Doctor prepared himself for another tirade.

“We board again tomorrow.”

The Doctor nodded, waiting for the rather taciturn officer to continue.

“I have taken a room at the Lamb. Should you require a lodging for the night…” The officer drew closer, “the usual arrangements will apply.” He leered, touched his hat and walked on.

The Doctor pondered the words ‘usual arrangements’, remembered the lascivious grin and turned about. Portsmouth could wait another hundred years for a visit; he was getting the hell out of the place.
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In honour of Torchwood and the first test, both happening in Cardiff this week!

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Z is for zeal AU, crossover, makes-sense-in-my-head-universe

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OK, [ profile] atthe_algonquin, I've written Nige fic. No more bunnies?

Horatio, Archie, William and the Regeneration universe crew.

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HH/TW/DW/Shifting Sands.
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Fic: The sixteenth time
Regeneration universe
Characters: Archie, Horatio, Jack.
Rating: PG
Based on a variety of ideas from people including [ profile] jesstercat
Note: These folk belong to other people.

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Title: Tea Party
Pairing: H/A Regeneration universe
Notes: This is for [ profile] ladyhamilton.
I wish I owned these boys but I do not.

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Which it is a fic and a notice of shore leave; the next part of Bride's will be posted on Thursday, then there'll be nought till about 4th June. Next weekend is the annual pilgramage to ogle Olazabal watch golf, then a week today we're off for a short break in 'gay Paree'.

One of the great things about Regeneration Universe is that, when [ profile] calavarna says "I've never seen a fic where Horatio ends up in modern day Portsmouth and stands on the deck of the Victory" I have the vehicle to make it happen.

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I have created an LJ for my alter ego, cunningly titled [ profile] charliecochrane.

Title: The future is another country
Setting: Hornblower/Torchwood Regeneration Universe (which assumes that William Bush is Dr Who so the lads can visit the 21st century as they wish). This time they are taking a spot of shore leave.
Rating: PG13(?)
Notes: I don't own any of these characters but they are great fun to play with

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Title: Getting one’s leg over
Setting: Hornblower/Torchwood Regeneration Universe (which assumes that William Bush is Dr Who so the lads can visit the 21st century as they wish).
Rating: PG
Notes: A blessed St George’s Day to you all. My daughter invented this game and should take due credit for it.
I don't own the characters these two are based on, but they are great fun to play with.

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Title: Retribution revisited
Pairing: H/A
Rating: PG
Notes: Set in Regeneration universe, which assumes that our lads get occasionally ‘borrowed’ by Harkness/The Doctor and end up spending time in the 21st century. This time they get to see the Hornblower films.
I don't own these characters but they are great fun to play with.

PS Normal pattern of posting will resume next week. Real life, you know.........

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Title: Regeneration - the sequel, last part
Rating: PG
Notes: Crossover Hornblower/Dr Who/Torchwood .
No claim made on or profit made from these characters.

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Title: Regeneration, the sequel: part one
Rating: PG
Notes: Crossover Hornblower/Dr Who/Torchwood
The original here did not turn out as intended and neither did this. I apologise to all the fandoms concerned and - as usual - to the Bard.
Oh and incidentally; work, work your thoughts - think, when we talk of Archie resembling Henry V that you see him so....
No claim made on or profit made from these characters.

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Title: Regeneration
Rating: PG
Notes: Crossover Hornblower/?
For [ profile] trusea who had the original idea. This did not turn out as intended.
No claim made on or profit made from these characters.

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