Too late

Aug. 17th, 2011 05:34 pm
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My first Law and Order fic. Not the last, I hope. I don't own these characters; if I did the ending would have been different.

That must be the father.
Ronnie’s not seen him before, but anyone who looks that much like Matt – Matt with a beer belly and grey hair – could only be Devlin senior. The muscular hands are a giveaway, too. Ronnie knows they’re the ones that belted Matt when he was younger, but he never asked why. Too late to ask now.
That must be Mrs. Devlin, with the priest.
Ronnie’s not sure Matt would have wanted all this palaver – full mass with all the trimmings – but he supposes the lad never got the chance to put in his two penn’orth. Planning funerals is for old men.
Nice turn out from both sides – our lot and the court mob.
Ronnie’s not surprised. Matt was a good bloke, popular all round. There’ll be plenty of tears shed – and beers drunk – in his memory.
He’s a surprise, though. Bloody hell, how long had Ronnie and Matt been working together and not a word said about him?
Ronnie’s learned more about Matt’s home life – how he could afford that flat, who’ll feed the cat now – this last hour or so than he’s done the last few years. Why couldn’t the idiot have said something? This is 2011, not 1911, for God’s sake. Ronnie would have bought them both a pie and a pint.
He’d had his suspicions. He should have asked. Too late to ask now.
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