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For once I'm grateful to a spam comment, as I'd forgotten all about this. (2007 vintage!)

Title: Some are born idiots
Characters: Marshall and his middies, from Master and Commander
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: N/A

“I was amazed when I first grasped how to tell sine from cosine. I have you to thank for that, Mr Marshall.” Mowett’s eager smile was a warm glow on a freezing night.

“Shame you’d never learned how to tell a bad egg from a good before cracking it.” Marshall wrinkled his nose and they all remembered the fruits of William’s last disastrous shopping expedition ashore.

“What do you value as your best lesson, Babbington?”

The man addressed kept his mouth firmly shut, obviously in distress.

Pullings laughed. “He’s just learned it. Never stick your tongue on a frozen cannon.”
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