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It's been quite a week for the old girl. Last Saturday she saw her beloved Nige - and has been rambling on about 'his adorably chubby knees' ever since. Last night she went to see John Barrowman in concert and is now telling everyone she'll never again wash her right elbow as his father touched it.

Before we had to sedate her, she did make a few sensible statements.

First, she wanted everyone to know that Mr B was in very good voice, as fine as she's heard him, and that his renditions of 'I won't send Roses' and 'I am what I am' were near perfect.

He was funny, sexy, outrageous and charming, looked great and sounded better. He is clearly besotted with his family, keeping the audience regaled with stories of his parents, nieces and nephews, dogs and the lovely Scott, for whom he sang 'Rhinestone cowboy'. At one point he had his mother and father on stage to dance with him, and Mr B senior took the mickey out of his son something rotten.

Funny how people think that gay men are a threat to the status of the family...

If asked to pick out one highlight among an evening of highlights, Miss M would say the duet John sang with Daniel Boys. I've not come across this young man before, but he's very talented, and rather hot - he'd make a wonderful Vince if they ever make a musical of my Inspector Hargreaves stories. Their rendition of 'I know him so well' brought the house down.

Now, about the elbow. Apparently Mr and Mrs B were sitting just the other side of the aisle from Miss M and her light of love and at the end of the concert they stood aside to let the Barrowmans get out of their row. Mr B thanked them but said they were waiting for a friend. In the process he held Miss M's elbow.

The nurse says she'll make a full recovery if she's kept away from rugby players and charming Glaswegians for a few days.
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I know this is a day early, but life is getting a bit hectic and Jonty will be blogging chez Charlie tomorrow and I'll never cope. Here he is...

Miss Mylodon has kindly agreed to me blogging for her today. If I’ve not had the pleasure if being introduced to you, may I say that I’m Archie Kennedy, aka Dr. Sorbus, writer of detective fiction. I know that at least one of you is a fan of my Inspector Hargreaves and that Miss Mylodon has posted some extracts from his stories in this journal.

I must start by mentioning the rugby match on Saturday, which seems to be customary here. I shall be shouting for London Irish, of course, and Old grumpy Guinness, better known as my civil (when he feels like being civil) partner Horatio will be supporting the conniving bunch of cheating swines. By which I mean Leicester Tigers. May the better team win, unless it’s Leicester, in which case may the Irish win.

Life has been busy these last few months. Death shops at Waitrose, the one with the exploding quails’ eggs, goes from strength to strength and there is a rumour of a TV adaptation starring someone called Gruffudd (never heard of him) as Hargreaves. I rather liked that young Sergeant in Law and order so will be rooting for the actor who played him to be given the part. If it gets off the ground. I do wish RTD would make up his mind. Death wears a scrumcap won an award for the best murder method – rugby boots with poison in the studs which could be dispensed by means of an electronic signal. I’m presently working on the follow up - Death drinks Pinot Grigio.

Hargreaves fanfiction abounds, particularly at the site [ profile] wobbly_frame, where they specialise in what I understand is called ‘slash’. They will soon be having their annual competition, The Big Bell Pull Awards. I was thinking of entering but Horatio says I’ll only be cross when I come in fourth. I’m less happy about [ profile] hargreavesgals, where they insist on pairing my Inspector off with every female in sight. It’s totally against character. I mean, Vince in his younger days indulged in the odd snog with girls, it was expected of him, but no more than a grope here or there. Hargreaves never got beyond spin the bottle.

It’s bad enough when they indulge in ‘Changreaves’, where they pair up my lovely lawyer with the Inspector – even if he were so inclined, he’d not indulge. Her fiancé, Viscount Bamber, would have his guts for garters. What’s really galling is when they have him falling in love – or into bed – with beautiful, talented, Cambridge double firsted, judo black belted females, each one ghastlier than the one before. Horatio says they’re called Mary Lous or Peggy Sues or something equally vile.

If you have any questions, please post them here. The old trout has his grumperella classes tonight so I’ll have some peace and quiet to answer them.
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Modern day Archie insisted I close the poll while he was ahead, so he'll be blogging here next Friday, giving us the benefit of his wisdom and being made fun od by modern day Horatio.
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Our holiday inspired two stories. This is the happier one. Modern version H/A.

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Archie says this part contains some of the most romantic dialogue he’s ever written.

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You know the scene. Author Archie. First Hargreaves book. Another excerpt.

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Author Archie has said that, because his books are proving elusive on Amazon, I can post a series of extracts from them. This is the first in his 'Hargreaves' series.

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Archie would like to thank you all for the kind words; he and Horatio are positively blushing at some of the offers they have received....

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Modern Archie has asked me to put in a plug for his other books; 'Death Shops at Waitrose', 'Death Wears a Scrum cap' and 'Death Stalks Old Brompton Road'. Read them at your peril.

Back to Inspector Hargreaves...

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Ever since modern-day-Archie turned out to be an author who wrote about a detective called Inspector Hargreaves, [ profile] trusea has been dropping hints that we should see stories about him. Archie (or Mr Sorbus to give his pen name) has allowed me to leak a series of scenes from his forthcoming opus Death and the Wobbly Frame.

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This is for [ profile] trusea to wish her happy birthday today. I asked her what she wanted and she said "I spent hours trying to make a decision... and have finally decided that I want to know more about the modern boys. But some references to the other Archies and Horatios before them (AOS, Bride's...) would be nice!" So that's what she gets.

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This is my modern, civil partnered, double headed coin version of the boys, again. It’s dedicated to a friend of a friend, who shares both Horatio’s inclinations and opinions. Bless him/them.

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Oct. 11th, 2007 11:07 am
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This is my modern, civil partnered, double headed coin version of the boys. They appeared first in 'The Even Chance Revisited', which is not now available as [ profile] charliecochrane stole it to adapt. I can mail it to anyone who wants it.

Summary: How Three versions of Archie and Horatio are intertwined.

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