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In the Morning Mr. Kennedy Will Be Sober...

I posted the first version of this last December then took it down to re-write for the HH2007 fanzine. The story is now much extended and the second part is quite different to the original.

I have left the editor's note from the fanzine intact as it is rather endearing (must find what's in there to warn anyone about. *g*)

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Have been being silly in other AOS fandoms.

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I drabbled.

Title: Visiting captain
Rating: G
Characters involved: Jack Aubrey, Tom Pullings and a strange visitor
Word count: 100
Author’s note: Inspired by Captains Jack challenge. I apologise in advance; I couldn't help myself.

Visiting captain
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This entry has now been taken down to reappear one day in a fanzine, probably.
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